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Throughout our years of SEO practices, our team has achieved multiple first page rankings clients and themselves.

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“I was one of Caleb’s first clients before he ever owned Vibrant Rankings. From the beginning of his Marketing career he was very professional and great to work with! I am proud of him for expanding his SEO career with Vibrant Rankings.”
Ashraf Hamada
Investor and Electronics Repair Business Owner
“Vibrant Rankings has always delivered more than expected to their clients. As an SEO in Finland, I have high standards for other companies providing SEO services and I’ve been very happy with Vibrant Rankings and their services.”
Jarno Tuovinen
Software Creator and Finland’s Finest SEO Master
“Caleb & I have collaborated on multiple digital marketing projects, he is excellent when it comes to getting things done on time, and most important… on budget. I believe that Vibrant Rankings is the go to choice for local SEO services.”
Matt Wacek
Marketing Funnel Master and Owner of Diverse Media
“Caleb and I have been bouncing SEO and marketing ideas off each other for years. I believe that he has become successful at client work because he truly cares about being a part of the success of the people he works with.”
Leon Lysak
SEO Expert and Owner of Growth Titan


Caleb Bourquin Vibrant Rankings About Us

Caleb Bourquin

Founder & SEO Ninja

Caleb is our SEO Ninja and CEO at the company. He has been ranking websites for more than 2 years now and still is holding strong. Due to Caleb being so passionate about SEO, he expanded out from ranking his own sites, to client based SEO in August of 2015.

Caleb’s Favorite Saying: “Find the things in life that you are passionate for, then it’ll never feel like work” (Caleb Bourquin)

Whitney Beaulieu

Social Media Master

Whitney is our master of Social Media Management here at Vibrant Rankings. She has learned through mentors in the Social Media industry and has always put her clients before anything else. Whitney started her Social Media journey in November of 2015.

Whitney’s Favorite Saying: “The Purpose Of A Business Is To Create A Customer Who Creates Customers” (Shiv Singh)

George Duncan

Web Design Legend

George is our Web Design Legend here at Vibrant Rankings. He has done Web Design for some major businesses for 4 years now and still is holding strong. George loves Web Design and has been a Web Designer since February of 2013.

George’s Favorite Saying: “If You Think Its Expensive To Hire A Professional , Wait Until You Hire An Amateur” (Unknown)



One of the hardest aspects that many businesses owners struggle with is that you can not do everything yourself.‭ ‬Once you understand this concept such as many other businesses have,‭ ‬a whole new world of your business mindset will express itself quickly!


In today‭’‬s world of ads everywhere,‭ ‬everyone trying to sell you things and so many business doing the same thing saying they are the best.‭ ‬It makes it hard to find a company who is legitimate and can show you previous results!


There is never a better time to know you made the right business decisions.‭ ‬Just like every change in your business some may not work out as well as others,‭ ‬but there is never a such thing as failure.‭ ‬There is only successes and lessons!


One of the biggest aspects of any business and why many go out of business,‭ is due to one thing…‬ “Building For The Future”‬.‭ ‬Without a future plan,‭ a ‬good foundation and many more aspects a business can crumble overnight!

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